Report – Volvo might benefit from Lotus expertise in the near future image

Just a few days ago Volvo Cars’ parent – Chinese automaker Geely – has also acquired a majority stake in the British sports car maker Lotus, and thus the speculations need to run rampant as to the consequences.

One positive aspect will be the option for Volvo to gain expertise from the Norfolk folks, more specifically in the suspension department. Apparently, that’s the idea coming from Roger Wallgren, the new X60’s principal engineer of vehicle dynamics, who explained Lotus’ expertise in that direction “would be appreciated” and mostly because it’s “pretty applicable all over the board.” That being said there are countless of other options to be considered, and all of them have to wait a while.

This is because the Geely – Proton deal was only signed last week and it still needs to wait for approval. If Lotus indeed starts lending a helping hand to Volvo engineers, most likely the hotter Polestar versions will benefit first. Wallgren added Geely has “a lot of ambition” for the high performance division, with further investments planned for the coming years. Fans are already fantasizing about a Polestar range tweaked by Lotus to go head to head with Mercedes-AMG, BMW M, and Audi Sport.

Via Drive