Report – Volvo to sell the Chinese S90L in Europe and the United States image

The new Volvo S90 is using the SPA architecture deployed by Volvo for the XC90 SUV’s second generation, but it seems the added dimensions are still not enough.

The S90 grew in size compared to the older S80 but for the Chinese buyers even that isn’t enough – as they fondly love to be chauffeured around and have ample space in the back. Now the Swedish brand has Chinese ownership so it’s understandable why they’re looking to satisfy the world’s largest auto market. But they also thought the ample leg room would be a motif to attract even more buyers outside the Asian market. The planned S90 long wheelbase version will not only be sold in China, as is customary, but in Europe and the United States as well. Production will still take place in the People’s Republic, with an official introduction expected before the start of 2017.

It’s still unknown when the Geely-owned luxury brand will start exporting the model to the US and Europe, but the S90L is gearing up to become the fifth model produced in China and will be manufactured at the Chengdu plant next to the stretched S60 and the XC60. The XC Classic (first generation XC90) is still in production and the S80L was assembled in China before turning in for the appearance of the S90. The S60L is already available in the United States where it has been dubbed the S60 Inscription, complete with 3.4 inches (8.6 centimeters) of extra rear legroom.