Report – Volvo XC40 coming out to play this year image

The compact high riding model has been allegedly confirmed as the first apparition in the new generation of Volvo’s 40 series family, riding on the all-new CMA platform.

According to research and development chief Henrik Green, the absolutely crucial XC40 crossover will be the first to reach the public sometimes this fall. Green confirmed this would be the first model to use Volvo’s CMA platform and hinted the basic development work has already been finished. “There’s a big chance it’ll be one of the most successful cars in our line-up,” commented the executive. The 40 series family of models, which is also going to reach the United States, is “a significant part of growth in the next three to four years”, according to the company strategy.

The XC40 will try to follow in the footsteps of the successful XC60 compact crossover and battle models such as the BMW X1 and Audi Q3 in the competitive lower part of the compact SUV segment, and would follow in the design previewed by the Concept 40.1. There’s also a possible new derivative as seen with the Concept 40.2 saloon but also a V40 replacement in the making. Volvo uses the CMA platform, which has been co-developed with Geely and will also be used by the Chinese automaker’s new brand Lynk&Co.

Via Autocar