Report – Volvo’s 2019 EV will have long range, affordable price image

The Swedish company has revealed back in October 2015 its strategy for a green model, announcing the introduction of a fully electric model for 2019.

The company has essentially strategized its switch from ICE to electric cars in a few big moves – first give up any engine bigger than four cylinders, then push for electrified versions with plug in hybrid capabilities and then start selling full electrics beginning with 2019. The Geely-owned company has also slowly revealed information about the new model – which is set to receive a name in the following months – announcing it will have a battery pack of up to 100 kWh (more than one version, just like with Tesla cars, is expected). Now we have additional preliminary details – from Lex Kerssemakers, CEO of Volvo Car USA, who discussed with the media on the sidelines of the Geneva Motor Show.

He revealed the electric car would go for more than 250 miles (402 kilometers) on a single charge and when it will reach the United States it won’t be matching the top end roster of electric cars – costing anywhere between $35,000 to $40,000. This puts it squarely against the likes of Chevrolet’s Bolt or the upcoming Tesla Model 3, which also makes us think it won’t use the platform of the large cars – but instead come part of the compact architecture.

Via Automotive News