Report – VW again hit by trouble with its MQB platform image

At a time when the German carmaker is vying to become the top global producer, there are still internal hiccups that relate to the introduction of its long heralded MQB modular platform.

Reuters found out from sources within the company that the decision to introduce more production shifts at the production sites that manufacture its best-selling Golf hatchback was also due to issues with the new flagship modular platform. VW officially states that the added production workforce caters for increased demand.

Analysts and industry observers have been cautioning for a long time VW’s decision to rely on a single modular platform – the MQB, to further cut costs. The company expects huge savings from sourcing one platform to numerous models – thoroughly increasing part sharing.

“We’re coping with many self-inflicted troubles here,” said the source, a worker that builds Golfs. “Overtime has somewhat become the order of business and some of it is totally unnecessary.”

The Volkswagen Group has enjoyed unprecedented growth over the past years, as it now aims to deliver a record 10 million cars in 2014. The drive is part of the carmaker’s goal to overtake Toyota by 2018 and become the global automotive leader. The automaker is already close to that goal, as it narrowly missed Toyota’s numbers for the first six months of the year – 5.1 million units to VW’s 4.97 million.