Report – VW and JAC EV collaboration to bring new Chinese brand image

Volkswagen and JAC signed a memorandum of understanding early last month for a potential new joint venture company – and now we have a bit more details about the development plans.

It appears Jochem Heizmann, President and CEO of Volkswagen Group China, has confirmed to local media that VW and Anhui Jianghuai Automobile, commonly known as JAC have plans for a new affordable electric vehicle brand in China. The move is part of the global effort to increase EV sales – but it will not have to do with the company’s new MEB electric architecture. Instead VW and JAC will collaborate to have new vehicles on the road as fast as possible by deploying the Chinese automaker’s existing EV platform. An official announcement is expected later on this year, and we already know the Chinese automaker’s family of models includes two electric cars.

One is the IEV5 – a four-door compact sedan with a 23 kilowatt-hour battery and 67 horsepower (50 kilowatt) electric motor, with a claimed range of 124 miles (200 kilometers). The IEV6S is a five-door hatchback that packs a 33-kWh battery and 114-hp (85 kW) motor, good for 156 miles (251 km). JAC is only China’s ninth-biggest manufacturer but has leadership in the electric segment.

Via Automotive News Europe