Report – VW could be preparing a new seven-seat SUV using the Amarok as a template image

The German automaker is apparently not only working on the green strategy, but is also diligently creating a larger family of crossover and SUV models.

This is because allegedly Carlos Santos, VAG’s Commercial Vehicles director, has confirmed a brand new sport utility vehicle will be introduced – based on the Amarok pick-up truck. “There is some very serious development happening at the moment for an SUV based on Amarok, which will be quite a large passenger vehicle,” the executive was quoted saying. “It’s not confirmed yet but it’s been going on since the start of Amarok.” This could be an off-road oriented SUV with seating for up to seven people and destined to rival models such as the Toyota Prado and Ford Everest, most likely topping the charts in terms of uneven terrain capabilities for the German company’s SUV lineup.

There are very few details for now – which is interesting since the executive said the SUV has been in development since the Amarok project was commissioned – and the latter has already gone this year through the mid-life cycle refresh. The new SUV might have lots in common with the Teramont SUV that is expected to be presented soon and reach production status towards the end of the year. The new SUV should also borrow the powertrain lineup from the Amarok pickup, including the V6 diesel engine that was introduced alongside the facelifted pick-up truck.

Via Motoring