Report – VW electric model coming to Paris, will launch in 2019 image

It seems this fall will become crucial for Volkswagen in its drive to electrify its future – apparently it all hinges on the Paris Motor Show.

Volkswagen’s brand chief Herbert Diess recently sat down for a discussion with German weekly business news magazine Wirtschafts Woche and explained the company’s green push. In late September during the well known automotive event the brand will present a near-production electric vehicle concept – though the actual market launch is still some years for now, pegged for 2019, reportedly. It seems the new electric car will have a similar size as the Golf, but offer lots of room inside the cabin, which should be comparable to the Passat innards. Labeled as a ‘near-production prototype,’ the car is going to be cooked up quite a bit, because the actual production version won’t show up until late 2018 and then become available across various markets in 2019.

Diess added the model will go head to head with the latest crop of long range electric vehicles – such as the second generation Nissan Leaf, Chevy Bolt, Tesla Model 3 and Ford Model E – by providing a driving range of 400 to 600 kilometers (248 to 372 miles), meaning we can also imagine a range of battery packs in the same vein as the Tesla models. The range will then be completed with a city-oriented small crossover, a coupe, the production version of the BUDD-e concept, and even the much chagrined flagship version of the new Phaeton.