Report – VW now claims electric vehicle cheaper than comparable Golf image

According to the latest report, Volkswagen considers they can develop and market an electric car cheaper than an equivalent Golf.

If the rumor turns out to be true we’re wondering why the top brass didn’t consider this in lieu of lying to everyone and stealing money from the clients and authorities through its deceitful emissions scam. Anyways, according to the report the insiders say the company makes a business case for an EV selling for less than a comparable Golf – though only if they are able to efficiently achieve the necessary scale across the majority of brands. This is part of course of the strategy to wipe clean our brains with environmentally-friendly vehicles that should redirect our attention from the Dieselgate scandal.

Volkswagen is going to spearhead the eco plan with its new MEB platform that should underpin all green models from now on – with numerous electric s coming to the market before the turn of the decade. VW claims it will deliver about 20 plug in and electric vehicles by 2020. VW’s chief, Matthias Müller, even tipped us to the idea of VW having an electric family car with a top range of 310 miles (500 km) – which is entirely douable if we look at Tesla. The point where the VW manager turns to sci-fi is when he claims a full recharge of the vehicle’s battery would last just 15 minutes. And the latest report also claims the executives are looking for a price lower than a Golf – if the company manages to achieve scale across its entire roster of brands to drop the production costs and hasten research and development.