Volkswagen isn’t even letting you park in the driveway the all-new generation of the 200-horsepower Polo GTI, but of course the manufacturer is already looking into the future – at least allegedly.

The German manufacturer is apparently looking to expand the supermini’s lineup at the very top, with sources that have knowledge about the matters at Wolfsburg claiming for British media the brand is mulling the creation of a high performance hardcore R version. It would come equipped with a turbocharged 2.0-liter gasoline TSI engine found inside the Golf R and taken to its full potential in the Polo as well, meaning it would arrive with 300 hp. More so, prototypes have already been built – allegedly – and have found their way on the streets and circuits for proper testing.

The rumor bodes well with the hints provided by Ralf Kölling, director of the small car lines, for example, who said there’s enough room in the Polo’s engine bay for all the necessary hardware. More so, the new generation Polo is also able to take an AWD system since it’s based on the same morphing MQB architecture as its larger sibling – though we imagine arriving with just about the same amount of power and AWD would be too much for the Polo R. We may also remember the previous generation had the first-ever R version of the subcompact hatchback in the form of the Polo R WRC Street (pictured) – a special edition of 2,500 units with the 2.0-liter turbo engine of the Golf GTI packing 217 hp in FWD layout.

Via Autocar


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