Report – VW says it’s not afraid of Tesla image

The German automaker – caught red-handed with the Dieselgate scandal – is trying to make amends and survive at the top of the electric revolution, started of course by others, such as Tesla.

The Volkswagen Group is not going to introduce its first ever purpose-built EV before 2020, but as far as battery-powered models go, by that time Tesla has an ambitious goal of selling around one million vehicles per year. These are lofty goals indeed, but it’s interesting to know how the German contender has set up its strategy to have a proper answer to such a possibility. According to the VW brand’s boss, Herbert Diess, the German group will fight the first comer advantage with its global scale and manufacturing experience.

VW – even with the Dieselgate scandal sending ripples throughout the company – is now the largest automaker in the world, snatching the long-coveted title from Toyota in 2016. “We see Volkswagen as the company that can stop Tesla, because we have abilities Tesla doesn’t have today,” Diess commented in a recent interview. He also hinted the company decided on the final design of the electric I.D. first model, the hatchback that relates closely to the Golf in terms of size. It’s internally called the “Neo” and should come at the price of a diesel Golf, with range of up to 600 kilometers (370 miles).

Via Automotive News