That’s unless 40 new assembly facilities are being constructed by 2025 – we say the VW Group should get going and sign deals with contractors to start excavations if they think we’re in such a dire situation.

It seems the German automaker – who is looking at a green future with an eye on the Dieselgate past – has calculated the cost of the electric revolution and concluded the automotive industry group alone needs a combined capacity of 150 gigawatt-hours of electricity. As Elon Musk said it well during a presentation at the Paris climate change summit (the one Trump is trying to get rid of), the electric revolution is coming – and those against it can only delay it. According to Ulrich Eichhorn, head of R&D at the company, “an enormous purchasing volume” would be needed in 2025 when cells with a combined capacity to deliver 150 gigawatt-hours of electricity would have to be produced. And now his projections have actually increased to “more than 200 gigawatt-hours,” as the previous figure was pushed out last year.

According to research done by the company, if every traditional producer will reach 25 percent EV and HEV/PHEV sales by 2025, the overall need for the entire industry would be of more than 1.5 terawatt-hours. And doing the extrapolating math it would result the industry needs no less than 40 gigafactories like the one Tesla already has. Another simple solution would be to see better battery technology – and according to automakers and suppliers, progress is made on a daily basis today, so in about 15 years we could see the next generation of batteries.

Via Automotive News


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