Report: VW to launch budget brand in 2015, cheapest model available from €6,000 image

You probably remember that in March, Volkswagen revealed plans to launch an entry-level brand for emerging markets.

New details have now surfaced regarding the first three models which will be marketed under the new brand and their pricing.

According to a report from the latest issue of German magazine AutoBild, Volkswagen will launch in 2015 a new model which will start at €6,000 (a thousand more than previously announced). This particular model will come in three body types: sedan, wagon and van, all sharing the same wheelbase.

However, the sedan and the wagon will be around 4-meters long, while the MPV will be a maximum 20 centimeters longer. The latter will also be available with 5 or 7 seats, just like the Dacia Dokker. All three of VW’s low-cost models will have transverse engines, leaving a lot of space inside, and manual transmission. The sedan will start at €6,000, the wagon at €7,000 and the MPV will be available from €8,000. The cars will be launched in the third quarter of 2015.

What is not clear so far is whether VW will sell these models in emerging markets only or it will follow in Dacia’s footsteps and bring them to Western Europe as well. Another question mark surrounds the name and the logo of the new brand. VW may choose to revive one of its former brands (just like Nissan did with Datsun), or it will have to invent (or maybe even purchase!) a new one.