Report – VW to limit GTI series to Up, Polo and Golf image

Volkswagen’s chief Herbert Diess has reportedly dismissed any speculation surrounding the brand’s addition to the GTI performance range of additional models, such as an SUV GTI.

According to the report, Diess said the recently introduced up GTI, as well as the upcoming Polo GTI and the ubiquitous Golf GTI represent the complete range. “I think with the three [GTI models] we have now, we are set,” Diess commented. “GTI for us is ‘the’ hot hatch: a sporty car, classless, with potential for everyday use and accessible for many. It should be this car – a hot hatch.” This does mean there’s still some margin of error – as in adding an ID GTI, since the initial concept for the electric sub-brand is for a hatchback body style. Diess kind of dismisses the idea, claiming the all-electric hatchback hasn’t been envisioned with a performance evrsion in mind.

“With any model line-ups you have electrification coming. There is broader possibility for GTE than GTI,” so we could be looking at more sporty hybrid models. He did talk down the idea of a Polo GTE, mostly because it lacks the business case in the price range – but hinted other models could arrive under the GTE badge. He also was adamant about the expansion of the R flagship versions, with a possible T-Roc performance version in the near future.

Via Autocar