Report – VW to rely on SUVs to gain sales image

According to sources talking to Bloomberg, the Volkswagen Group is planning to have Volkswagen with a six SUV model line-up, as it strives to pass Toyota for the top spot as the world’s largest automaker.

The two people asked to remain anonymous, as they are not allowed to discuss company plans ahead of official announcements, but did disclose the core Volkswagen brand should triple its sport utility line-up from the current two models – Tiguan and Touareg to have six in the next few years.

“The SUV segment is still growing globally, and it’s a key segment for all manufacturers,” Roman Mathyssek, an analyst for Strategy Engineers consulting company, said. “The VW brand still has growth potential in SUVs, which could especially help them to build a stronger position in the U.S. and in emerging markets.”

According to PwC, SUVs are at a wide demand these years, with the segment slated to reach around 20% of the total automotive production worldwide by 2018. Volkswagen, with a rather traditional focus on normal cars has been hindered by the few SUV offerings in some regions – particularly the United States. While officials at Volkswagen declined to comment on the automaker’s SUV plans, the current goal for the group is to overcome Toyota’s sales for the title of the world’s largest carmaker by 2018.

Via Automotive News Europe