Report – VW trying to come up on top of Dieselgate via US model offensive image

The German automaker has a pretty tarnished image following the Dieselgate scandal but wants to put all that behind it with a significant product offensive aimed at the faltering US auto market.

Even before Dieselgate the sales of the German carmaker weren’t spectacular in the US when talking about the namesake brand, and Volkswagen is allegedly looking to amend that aspect. The plans now call for a massive product offensive in the US, with new sport utility vehicles and crossovers, as well as green electric cars. First off will be the much-awaited all new three-row midsize SUV that should be produced in North America and reach dealerships in 2017. Afterwards the new Tiguan will be on point. Within the next few years Volkswagen will also deliver an all new roster of electric vehicles that will use as a basis the new MEB architecture.

“We are not working on a defensive strategy for the United States but what we want to achieve in North America is not only to gain a foothold but to grow again,” comments Juergen Stackmann, the brand’s world sales boss. The experts from research company HIS Automotive are predicting the model offensive and a completely new brand image campaign will bolster Volkswagen’s sales to at least 400,000 units next year and more than half a million by 2022. Of course, before all that happens, the company needs to resolve the Dieselgate, with a final resolution and accord with the US authorities expected sometimes in June.

Via Automotive News