Report – VW’s next Phaeton flagship to return to the US image

Volkswagen enjoys a steady rise when it comes to global sales, except for parts of the Americas. But the automaker aims to revert the trend by significantly expanding its model line-up in the US.

Traditionally, North American customers (South Americans too, but they’re not the object of this report) have seen the German automaker for its intended initial purpose – the people’s brand. Although VW in parts of the globe – including the European home region – has evolved to near-premium status, that’s not the case in the US. The maker even has a stripped down version of the popular Passat sedan made there so it could offer it cheaper.

Now, according to various sources and rumors, the German producer aims to increase its brand image – electing to reintroduce a model that was a great flop ten years ago: the Phaeton.

The next generation of the VW flagship – which has not enjoyed too much success anywhere, actually – will come in US dealerships again, confirms Michael Horn, the recently named chief of Volkswagen Group of America.

The upcoming generation would share the underpinnings with the Audi A6 and A8, among others, being based on the Volkswagen Group’s midrange MLB architecture. A wide range of powertrain options should be available, such as gas 6-, 8- and even 12-cylinder engines, many diesels (for Europe) and a new plug-in hybrid drivetrain.