Report – We have the rough country allocation figures for the BMW M4 GTS image

With production capped at 700 units, the BMW M4 GTS has the ability to make some fans eerie happy or forever sad, depending if their market gets an allocation or not.

According to BMW, the M4 GTS is their “exclusive technological showpiece which elevates the potential of the BMW M4 Coupe to another impressive new level,” and reading between the lines lets us understand this is the most powerful and probably most exciting rendition of the M3/M4 line to date. With production limited to just 700 examples, this is also one exclusive ride, making BMW fans go crazy about the potential allocation. More so, it appears all the units to be produced have already been pre-sold, but then again the fans simply can’t stop trying to compile those unofficial allocation details. From them we find out the United States is of course the largest market with 300 units, followed by the home territory of Germany with 80 and the Canadians getting 50.

Oddly enough, China – the world’s largest market and also among the biggest for the Bavarian brand – will only get 15 units, with Japan and the United Kingdom taking the double. Still, these get luckier than Norway, Taiwan, and Denmark which only have one happy customer taking delivery of the M4 GTS. BMW is making the M4 GTS alongside the M6 GT3 and the M135i Cup race cars and the M division, taking charge of the necessary upgrades, will only deliver five units every day out the factory gates.

Via BimmerPost via BMW Blog