Report – What happens with Opel’s EV strategy if PSA becomes the leader? image

The German automaker – which has been looking to get out of financial trouble for years with little success – might see its green strategy changed if the PSA Group takes over as rumored.

According to various reports, Opel’s CEO Karl-Thomas Neumann had been creating for months now an ambitious strategy to have the German automaker become an entirely green one by solely manufacturing electric cars in the near future. GM’s executives would have made a decision later this year – but it might all be for nothing if the PSA Group sale becomes a reality. Neumann’s plan included a sizing of the major investments needed to develop both ICE and EVs and the conclusion that Opel could build more cars on the platform used for the Chevy Bolt and Opel Ampera-e.

Later, over the course of years, most likely the upcoming decade, Opel would have axed one by one combustion engines – relying solely on electrics by 2030. Now the plan will depend on the fate of the entire Opel/Vauxhall company. GM and PSA have acknowledged they are looking for even more synergies – including “a potential acquisition of Opel Vauxhall by PSA,” as per a recent joint statement. We can imagine that with such straightforwardness comes the basics that a deal has been made or is at an advanced stage. So, if the plan is to live on, it may depend on a completely new leadership.

Via Opel, Automotive News Europe