Report – Zenos dodges bullet with help from AC Cars image

British exotic low volume manufacturer Zenos Cars is coming back from the dead soon after the company announced it can’t support itself anymore – with reported support from a consortium led by AC Cars.

The niche manufacturer has been allegedly purchased for undisclosed money and Alan Lubinsky, owner of AC Cars, said to British media a moniker change to “AC Zenos” for the newly acquired marque will occur in the near future. Zenos’ Norfolk facility will remain operational for now, but it’s unknown yet if that will last, as the newly formed company will look to reduce operational expenses. Lubinsky commented that one of the main issues for Zenos were the production costs – “the cars cost too much to build.”

Up next, future Zenos models might get the assembly process done in South Africa where AC Cars is already working on the revived Cobra 378. The new owners are also strategizing how to achieve better economies of scales by sharing some of the components between cars of the two brands, including engines and other parts. Lubinsky added the E10 – seen here as the radical E10 R – will be supporting the new-era Zenos under AC Cobra ownership and then the lineup will get refreshed, including with the addition of a coupe model.

Via Autocar