Republican Congressional Candidate Uninjured After Plane Crash image

Jim Postma, the Republican congressional candidate, escaped with no injuries after he crash landed his small airplane.

The accident took place on Monday evening, August 3rd, at the Spanaway Airport. Postma declared that he was flying his twin engine Beechcraft, on his way back to Spanaway after an afternoon trip to Friday Harbor. At about 7 p.m. he wanted to land but noticed he had trouble with the landing gear and aborted the attempt raising the gear. When he tried to land again, he forgot to lower the landing gear, therefore touching down hard on the runway.

The plane skidded down the runway and stopped in a field leaving flames and spark flying behind it. The re was also a small grass fire but it was quickly extinguished. Fortunately, Postma and his wife, who was in the plane with him, were uninjured and got down from the plane by themselves.

“There was smoke coming from the front of the airplane so we just got out,” Postma said. “I wanted to go back and put out the fire but my wife wouldn’t let me. She was afraid it was going to burn, which it did.”