Research shows drivers uninformed about car tech image

While numerous carmakers are investing billions of dollars in plug-in vehicles and self-driving car systems, potential buyers and drivers out there seem to not be very aware of all the benefits that come with new technology as new study has it.

In a poll conducted by the market research firm Harris where 1, 052 U.S. residents participated, 67% of them did not know anyone who owns an electric car, a plug-in hybrid or a hybrid. The research was commissioned by Ford Motor Co., which is investing $4.5 billion over the following several years to extend its range of plug-in hybrids, all-electric and hybrid units and to appeal to its clients. Out of all the respondents, 76% of them expressed uncertainty over the distance a plug-in hybrid could ride with a single charge. The information that seems to not have reached consumers is that these type of cars can work with electric power or gasoline.

When asked about a plug-in hybrid’s range, the average response was of 260.8 miles, which means less than half of most of the plug-in hybrids that are on the market. The poll also showed that affluent consumers and city residents were in fact more familiar with electric and hybrid cars.

At the same time, a survey conducted by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers/ ICM Unlimited in U.K. stated that 55% of its 2,002 participants expressed their unwanting to ride in a driverless car.

Earlier this week, a study led by researcher Michael Sivak at the University of Michighan also revealed that U.S. residents are cautious towards autonomous cars and the safety they provide.