Soon to be retired General Motors director Neville Isdell believes that GM’s chief executive officer Mary Barra should take note that even as the company has managed to come a long way since its shameful bankruptcy, in his opinion the turnaround process might take around a decade.

Isdell, 71, had been named to the automaker’s board of directors after heading a turnaround process at Coca-Cola Co., being in the front row of one of the hardest periods for any corporate entity in the recent past. Accorder to the director, while chief executive officer Barra is trying to change the company’s corporate culture to a more humble appearance, part of the institutional arrogance that brought so much trouble is still present. He also said that while the automaker is in great hands, he needs to criticize marketing and the core Chevrolet brand, while the luxury unit Cadillac could be forced to invest even more than the already planned $12 billion to reach global luxury prowess. Isdell, during his time in the GM boardroom, witnessed numerous corporate dramas – the collapse and Phoenix-like return to life, a number of executives that didn’t last long at the automaker and last year’s record recall and safety scandal triggered by the defective ignition switches found in older, smaller cars that have been so far linked to no less than 100 deaths.

The director also defended the board’s choice of Mary Barra – the first female chief executive officer of a global automaker – her election was triggered by her understanding of the intricate inner workings of the company and her clarity in identifying woes. They also asked Dan Ammann to be president because he’s an outsider that can challenge the established company status quo.

Via Bloomberg


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