Revolving the next Mazda RX-7 image

Buzz is that the automaker Mazda is now working on a new rotary engine that will boost the power of its upcoming model RX-7. In this, the major spin is the car that can run on diesel or petrol and can easily offer much superior fuel consumption than the lately discontinued RX-8.

The company is now designing two-stroke 16X engine. This is just to rectify the inadequacies of the most recent rotary powerplant of Mazda by comprising the high oil consumption. According to the sources in Japan, “the new unit has achieved significant improvements in fuel efficiency”. However, the final go on is yet to receive from the top executives of Mazda. Nevertheless, the company is working hard to find out the solution of attaining the best blend of performance, economy, as well as emissions. Along with this, Mazda needs to address the lack of torque of this new model that will perform in the mid-range. At this stage, the 16X is expected to offer its hovel that is the RX-7 with some 300bhp and will also enable the car to make 60mph just within five seconds.

To test the rotary RX-7 mules, the R&D department of Mazda has invited some of the external drivers as well as racers. Well, the design team of this model wanted feedback at the customer clinics. The company’s efforts have been widely pushed forward to one more rotary-engined sports car by the Mazda USA. As per the recent and independent survey, which has revealed that a reasonably priced rotary-powered sports car is even today in high demand that might not be seen ever in the United States. It has also been recommended that if the demand for the car in America wouldn’t have so strong then the project might have been kept on hold.