Reworked 2013 Honda Accord – Gets new engines, transmissions image

Honda has invested over $220 million in two of its Ohio plants in last two years and now the manufacturer continues its mass production of new engines and transmissions for 2013 Honda Accord sedan.

Honda Accord will see its production phase from Monday at the manufacturer’s Marysville plant. To make this car ready, the auto maker has also assigned its Anna engine plant to produce four and six cylinder engines starting from this week. Besides, it also started working on its all new state-of-the-art transmission, Russells Point. Anna plant’s chief engineer and plant manager John Spoltman said that the pair of all new 4-cylinder engine meticulously mated to Russells Point’s new transmission should help boost the fuel economy of this new Accord as compared to what the old model offers.

Spoltman further added that our customers expect performance and this new small engine will be comparatively powerful, yet challenging to achieve. To get this result, Honda has invested heavily on its transmission and engine plant so that it can comfortably launch a new CVT (continuously variable transmission). Its Anna plant is destined to develop transmission parts that are assembled in Russells Point. Honda has hired 150 new jobs to balance the flow of work between the two plants.

Expect the all new 2013 Accord to be available in dealerships by September. The manufacturer will be set by preparing the release for a host of redesigned mid-sized cars for 2013 model year. The redesigned models will be accompanied by Chevrolet Malibu, Ford Fusion and Nissan Altima. As far as price is concerned, you have to wait until the manufacturer announces pricing for 2013 Honda Accord.