Rezvani is best known for producing in small series the Beast and Beast Alpha supercars – but it seems they are now turning their attention onto the most popular segment of the day – the SUV category.

While details are still scarce, what we have here teased is a hardcore, rugged and military-inspired SUV that seems to blend in a modern package elements from classic off-roaders such as the FJ series, the Wrangler or the G-Wagen and the Defender. For now, the company calls it the Rezvani SUV, but we can be sure it will receive its own name in due time. The exotic automaker is already taking up grants of $1,000 refundable deposits and first deliveries are already slated for later on this year. Rezvani’s shadowy teaser images do paint a pretty accurate picture of the styling – with boxy shape and angular, modern look. The vented hood is very complex and we also noticed a roof scoop.

The carmaker claims this is a regular, four-door SUV – but no door handles are visible in these renderings. The oily bits are just as mysterious – they say it’s going for a hardcore body-on-frame chassis, a high ride height and skid plates to help with rock crawling duties. On-demand four wheel drive and a specialty off-road suspension should also complete the picture, with the versions in the work – an X being the range-topper just like with the Beast. Inspired by the military, Rezvani si even treating its tough SUV with even tougher elements – namely an optional bullet-resistant package, comprised of special B6 glass, Kevlar body panels, and a Kevlar gas tank.



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