The exotic manufacturer has decided its monstrous carbon fiber sports car should get the perks regular folks love – such as air conditioning and even a removable top.

Rezvani has thus decided to provide us with a teaser of its tamed Beast Alpha, which is expected to premiere on November 16 in Los Angeles, California. The model is the company’s effort to provide clients with a more manageable machine for daily use – it will feature things such as air conditioning, airbags, power windows, and a removable top. These elements seem like something coming out of a regular car’s standard list, but the standard Beast’s austerity makes the Alpha seem rather upscale. We also noticed the Alpha might be coming with an updated design compared to its sibling – though the angular elements haven’t been ditched.

Back when Rezvani first teased the Alpha it was a mere line drawing and came with the promise of an August reveal – that didn’t materialize. So we’re starting to question their other information – such as the use of the Beast’s Honda-sourced supercharged 2.4-liter engine with 500 horsepower (373 kilowatts), linked to a six speed manual and the rear wheels. The Rezvani Beast uses a carbon fiber body to keep weight down and under the metal sits Ariel Atom 3’s spaceframe chassis – the model tips the scales at just 1,650 pounds (748 kilograms).



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