Rinspeed Dock+Go Concept going to Geneva image

The Rinspeed Swiss company has recently announced that its Dock+Go mobility concept will be officially presented at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show.

The Dock+Go is a mobility concept which is looking to extend the limited range of an average electric minicar and the vehicle has been based on the popular Smart ForTwo. According to the manufacturer, the Rinspeed Dock+Go Concept is using a hybrid powertrain and it will be presented to the public as the first “Vario-Hybrid”. Rinspeed says that the concept car has an energy pack with a combustion engine or range extender, which allows the Dock+Go to increase its range and the distance it can travel between charges and the third axle, which is attached to the docking unit’s two wheels is being used to recharge the battery.

“Any electric city car could serve as the basis for “Dock+Go.” For demonstration purposes Rinspeed boss Rinderknecht turned his attention to the two-seated smart. A wide variety of “packs” turn the electric-powered mini car into the dream car of any pizza delivery driver – complete with an integrated heated box. For craftsmen there is a toolbox pack with well-organized spaces for every tool. And after the day’s work is done the shared or owned camping, golf, skiing, beach or party pack is docked to the rear of the mini-mobile”, as Rinspeed says in its official press release.

Rinspeed didn’t announce any more details about its Dock+Go Concept and the vehicle will be officially presented to the public at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, in March, 2012.