Given the Swiss auto show’s tradition of being neutral it’s easy to forget there’s a company involved in the auto business with roots there – but Rinspeed carefully reminds us about it every year.

It’s become a tradition – each new edition of the Geneva Motor Show is marked with an eccentric concept from the Swiss designer’s house – and we’re really starting to wonder when will he run out of fresh ideas, since none of the concepts usually match what was revealed a year prior. Anyways, the 2017 Geneva Motor Show iteration is called the Oasis (it was first previewed at CES) and it’s as quirky as ever. We’re dealing here with an urban car that mates up and coming technologies – it’s electric and has autonomous drive technology. But there’s so much more to it – because there are also features that no other car has seen. For example there’s a layer of soil placed under the windshield, which can be used to grow plants…

Rinspeed Oasis is the traditional Geneva-bound concept 2

Since the car drives itself, the windshield can be turned into a large TV – and on their way to work the occupants can also use the “micro-delivery box,” to cool or heat their lunch packages. You can for example have the ice cream still fresh in there, or take a pizza back home for dinner and still have it warm when you arrive. If the box isn’t needed, the space can be turned into a power bank from EVA Fahrezeugtechnik, helping to increase the range of the car. The Oasis can also be shared, with a digital access system from Huf to allow multiple users. By the way, you can also take control of the ride thanks to the foldable steering wheel from ZF, which in turn becomes a keyboard or a work surface.


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