Rinspeed’s latest concept is a snap on car – the SNAP Mobility image

The Swiss design house is at it again – coming up with yet another quirky yet interesting concept – in preparation for its worldwide official introduction set to take place early next year during the CES – Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Rinspeed is well known for thinking outside the box – and on this occasion they seem to have thought exactly about a… box. The Snap Mobility concept is appropriately called like that because that’s exactly what it does – it can snap on different boxes – sorry cabins. It will debut in front of the worldwide audience of the CES event in Las Vegas in January, looking to provide a solution to the eternal urban issues, such as congestion and pollution. It will resolve the issues by delivering a chassis that can attach different cabins – or “pods” – that can be easily be removed or added. This is why the base design of the chassis resembles a skateboard – the concept is actually quite similar to GM’s Surus fuel cell commercial/military idea.

Rinspeed envisions the chassis and varying pods free of mechanical wear and only using long-lasting IT components. The pods can also vary wildly – from elivery vehicles, to public transport, mobile living areas, and can also be used separately from the Snap platform. Of course, the Snap Mobility prototype is fully autonomous, and powered solely by electricity. More details – performance, range, or charge time – might be revealed by Rinspeed on January 9, 2018, when the CES kicks off in Las Vegas.