Robbe & Berking inspires the new BMW Individual 760Li Sterling image

BMW Individual Manufaktur is intended as a combination of traditional manufacturing with outstanding individuality, with the special unit around since the early 1990s. Now, their latest offspring is the BMW Individual 760Li Sterling inspired by Robbe & Berking.

Robbe & Berking are well known traditional silver manufacturers. Each of their products is a highlight of craftsmanship and builds on the company claim to create pleasure not just for a lifetime, but also for generations.

“BMW and ROBBE & BERKING share far more than a passion for elegant, classic yachts – we apply the same standards to our products: in addition to pure technical utility, pleasing the customer is a foreground consideration,” explains Oliver Berking, owner and CEO of ROBBE & BERKING. “At the same time our products embody the ethos of the manufactory – a striving towards perfect craftsmanship and timeless elegance coupled with keen attention to the smallest detail. The BMW Individual 760Li Sterling inspired by ROBBE & BERKING is a wonderful illustration of this.”

“The BMW Individual Manufaktur is not so much a place as an idea that becomes reality on a daily basis. That idea is total customer orientation,” explains Friedrich Nitschke, President BMW M GmbH. “Here each vision of exclusivity is turned into reality.”

Unfortunately, not many details and specifications have been officially revealed about the car, but we can safely assume that no modifications have been operated on the technical level, the 760 Li featuring the 545 HP and 750 Nm V12 under its hood.