Robbers Drove a Mercedes into a Gucci Store and Stole Items Worth $160,000 image

Last night, March 7th, a gang of thieves drove a Mercedes into a Gucci flagship store, located on Sloane Street, London, and stole items worth around $160,000.

According to a witness the thieves “knew exactly what they were looking for” as they stole more than 30 items worth more than $160,000, among which one limited-edition crocodile-skin handbag worth about $50,000, which recently has been on display at London Fashion Week.

The police report says that after they drove the Mercedes-Benz through the store’s front doors, the thieves jumped out of the vehicles, all wearing black balaclavas. They were set on stealing expensive limited-edition bags, especially those which were recently exhibited at the fashion week.

“They were very professional,” said one sales associate, “all wearing balaclavas and in and out in minutes. In a flash they were gone. They must have known that we had the bags in from London Fashion Week because they headed straight for them. They are limited-edition bags and very, very expensive. They are made out of special material like python skin.”