Not long ago we told you about the new which has presented the prototype of the racecar to be used in the autonomous competition.

Now the officials of the series that was announced last year as a support act for the Formula E have decided to come forth with even more details of their car. The latter is supposed to be the same for all teams – with the main difference being the software the engineers use to control the model that not only looks decidedly futuristic but also has no cockpit and driver. The Roborace will have ten teams competing against each other and each will be operating two racers. The all electric driverless cars will be 190 inches (4.8 meters) long, 78.7 inches (2 meters) wide, and will have a wheelbase spanning 110 inches (2.8 meters). When taking it up against a regular Formula E racer, the Roborace vehicle will be 7.8 inches (200 mm) shorter and no less than 7.8 inches (200 mm) wider.

The all electric car will be tipping the scales at 2,204 pounds (1,000 kilograms), which is actually 247 lbs (112 kg) more than a Formula E car (with driver included). Aside from delivering these crucial technical specifications, Roborace officials have also announced the series will partner with Nvidia which will be providing the computing power – namely the DRIVE PX2 motors which are currently labeled as the most powerful engines in the world for in-vehicle artificial intelligence.


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