It’s always great when you’re a star studded celebrity – with the world at your feet, but it’s always even better when you do something good with all the power associated with the “rank”.

This seems to be the case with Roger Daltrey, the frontman of well known band The Who, as he decided to commission a new special series of cars, based on the Wraith and called “Inspired by British Music” to Rolls-Royce. Anyways, BMW’s most prestigious brand has decided to partner with hall of famers from the rock & roll scene to create these customized coupes, Roger Daltrey being the first name to pop up. At least nine cars will be part of the series, with two of them actually ordered by the band’s frontman, also a founding member. No prices have been revealed, but we do know Rolls-Royce has vowed to donate some of the proceeds to charities such as the Teenage Cancer Trust. This new series is actually a reiteration of the Wraith Inspired by Music from last year and Rolls is set to reveal the other star names in the near future.

Roger Daltrey’s first Wraith will be honoring his own personal music legacy and bear pieces of iconography from the band’s long history that started when almost none of us were born, back in 1964. The Who’s famous “bull’s-eye” logo as well as a laser-etched interpretation of Daltrey’s microphone will be on point. The second car will see Rolls-Royce and Daltrey joining forces with artist Mike McInnerney, the man who created the artwork for the band’s seminal album, “Tommy.”


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