Customers of Rolls-Royce are stuck with mixed feelings about the newly revealed plans of the automaker. According to the plans, Rolls-Royce is about to build electric vehicles leaving the hybrid models open as possibility. This is what the Rolls-Royce CEO Torsten Mueller-Oetvoes has said.

This statement has been made following the release of a similar kind of electric version of Rolls-Royce Phantom, which is named as 102EX EV Concept. Basically, the point is of gathering opinions of people on whether it would be the right decision for the automaker to produce such a vehicle or not.

Right after the reveal of the luxury EV at the Geneva Motor Show in the month of March, the carmaker has sent this car on a global tour and allowed its owners as well as enthusiasts to test drive the new EV vehicle. After testing the vehicle, the automaker wants people to provide their feedbacks so that the company could better understand publics taste.

By doing this, we are sure that Rolls-Royce will attract more people and will also save their efforts if in case no one is interested in their new project. Though, we can’t comment anything right now until people give feedback to the carmaker that then will make the final decision of whether or not to produce this vehicle. Till now, no customers have approached to Rolls-Royce to ask for the electric versions that now boast 12-cylinder engines.

By Sunita Mandal


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