Rolls Royce CEO expects a record year for the luxury brand image

Rolls-Royce said this week that growth in all regions drove deliveries 31 percent higher to 3, 538 cars last year, beating the previous record set in 1978 by 191 vehicles.

The sales growth was the trend across the globe, with the Asia Pacific market up a notable 47 percent. The U.K. reported a 30 percent growth, while sales in the Middle East represented a 23 percent increase.

Muller Otvos said at press conference in Taipei that he is optimistic about a rise in the Asian markets and an improving economy in the United States although the situation in Europe is “very insecure and hard to predict.”

“Overall, I am optimistic that we will see the next record year for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars in 2012,” CEO Torsten Mueller- Oetvoes told Bloomberg Television in a Jan. 9 interview.

“I think the American market will definitely pick up. It depends on the economy and the U.S. market. There are encouraging signals we are seeing,” he told Reuters from the flagship Rolls-Royce store in Hong Kong.

The company sold out a $1.2 million Year of the Dragon Phantom model introduced to lure buyers in its biggest market of China, where the company predicts growth will be less “explosive” in 2012.