Rolls-Royce client gets delivery of no less than 30 Phantoms image

You know somebody’s richer than Richie Rich when that client places an order for no less than 30 Rolls-Royce Phantom luxo-barges – and all of them are in the flagship extended wheelbase version.

Around two years ago – when you want so many Phantoms you need to be patient, apparently – entrepreneur Stephen Hung decided to order no less than 30 Rolls-Royce Phantoms in the Extended Wheelbase body style for use at his The 13 hotel in Macau. The first Phantom was delivered earlier this year in March during the Geneva Motor Show and now the joint chairman of The 13 holdings has also taken delivery of the rest of 29 cars batch. According to reports, Hung’s order cost $20 million – and is the record single deliver for Rolls-Royce now, ahead of a 14-car order back in 2006 by Hong Kong’s Peninsula hotel.

Most of the cars wear a red theme, but a couple have been personalized further with gold accents applied onto the Spirit of Ecstasy, front grille, and inside the luxurious cabin. These bespoke cars also wear a diamond-encrusted Rolls-Royce badge, while the unique Stephen Red body finish has fine particles of pure gold to boost the inherent opulence. The report goes on to claim these two special cars are today the most expensive Phantoms ever commissioned. Both will be reserved to the top guests at “The 13” hotel in Macau when it opens its doors early 2017.