Rolls-Royce close to final decision on SUV model image

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, the British ultra-luxury brand controlled by Germany’s BMW AG, the world’s largest premium automaker, is going to decide this year if it will make a historic move into the sport utility vehicle segment.

Rolls-Royce is getting closer to the crucial moment as the auto industry seems poised to embrace all segments related – from the smallest European crossovers to the big luxury SUVs and American pickup trucks. Additionally, in the world’s largest luxury market – the United States – the trend is supported by continued low gasoline prices and China, the second-largest, still has room for growth for the segment. And not to forget that long time partners, now turned rivals – Bentley Motors – are already very close to putting into showrooms their first SUV model.

“We’ve made progress in evaluating options and in understanding better how such a project could work, what’s needed to make it work if we decide to go ahead,” comments CEO Torsten Mueller-Oetvoes on the prospects of introducing an SUV into the Rolls-Royce lineup. The company is poised to introduce a new convertible this year, with planned sales for mid-2016 and is also poised to reach a final verdict on the introduction of a new SUV model. Rolls-Royce also comes fresh from record 2014 deliveries, with the England-based unit quadrupling its sales since 2009, climbing 12% last year to a total of 4,063 cars – more than ever in the brand’s 111-year history.

Via Automotive News Europe