Rolls-Royce delivers first Phantom VIII teaser image

Hot off the recent leak that presented an alleged brochure of the eighth generation of the ultra-limousine, Rolls-Royce is keeping its marketing view on track and has released the first teaser.

The British brand, with more heritage than some small countries, has decided a first official teaser with the eighth incarnation of the Phantom super sedan is in order, ahead of the upcoming reveal set to take place on July 27 in London. Thankfully, that’s only about a week from now, so we’re not going to be treated to an exhausting teaser campaign – and as lead designer Giles Taylor suggested way back at the Geneva Motor Show in March, we’re dealing with a royal evolution, no “peasant” revolution in sight.

The teaser is a close view of the front end, seen from a side, and it’s clear the pinnacle of the range will remain true to its form that has evolved gracefully over the more modern incarnations. Present and accounted for are the legendary rectangular Phantom headlamps, now of course in contemporary full LED, and overall the front fascia seems a bit cleaner and more elegant than before. The Phantom VIII uses a very stretched version of the CLAR platform seen inside the BMW 7 Series, making it lighter than today, even though dimensions might gain a few inches.