Rolls-Royce Ghost One Thousand and One Nights collection announced image

The British based luxury automaker has recently announced a very special edition of the Ghost, named the One Thousand and One Nights, which will be unveiled later on this month.

The Rolls-Royce Ghost is probably one of the most interesting luxury cars out there with a character, the kind of vehicle you would give a name like Sherman or Walter and which would always refer to you as “Sir”. But even if the Rolls-Royce Ghost would probably end up in your garage just because you can’t afford the real deal, the Phantom, this is still one hot ride to own, and the model is just getting hotter, with the new limited edition.

According to the car manufacturer, the new limited edition is being named the Rolls-Royce Ghost One Thousand and One Nights and it was inspired by the tales of The Arabian Nights Entertainment. The model will get a Middle Easter flair, with a two-tone exterior, the “One Thousand and One Nights” badging, white leather seats, rear seat entertainment system, piano black trim and more. The model might also get stuff like a lion cage, a maid, a sand box, an oasis with some palm trees and an oil rig. The special edition of the Ghost will be unveiled at the Sharjah International Auto Show on the 28th of November.