Rolls-Royce models won’t get diesel engines – report image

No diesel engines will be adopted onto Rolls-Royce models as the British based automaker has recently found out.

Rolls-Royce is trying to become more eco-friendly these days and it seems that this won’t happen with the help of diesel engines and the company might have to use downsize and turbocharging to do the trick. The car manufacturer didn’t announce anything on this subject, obviously, but according to the guys at, Rolls-Royce has received a “dangerous” answer from its customers on diesel engines: “absolutely not, don’t bring diesel anywhere near a Rolls-Royce, we won’t buy it.”

Rolls-Royce owners are seeing diesel engines as a compromise even if these units can have impressive torque figures which won’t be achieved very soon by using petrol engines. This wasn’t the only negative response received from customers because as you may recall, Rolls-Royce has also explored EV technology with the 102EX concept car and while some of them were interested, many have felt that this will be a setback for the brand.

In other words, besides being busy with fuel saving technologies these days, Rolls-Royce is also planning to develop a coupe version of the Ghost, which is expected to become the most powerful model made by the company until now. More details on this subject can be read here.