Rolls-Royce movie in the makings with Senna director and Martin Scorsese attached image

After we hear talk about movies featuring two of the most iconic founders of car manufacturers – Enzo Ferrari and Ferrucio Lamborghini – we now have news about a third car-related biopic.

As it goes, Asif Kapadia, the director of the SENNA film, has been announced to deliver a new motion picture called Silver Ghost – this feature film drama will have the BAFTA Award winner director team up with none other than legendary Martin Scorsese, and more importantly will retell the story surrounding the founding of the British ultra-luxury Rolls-Royce brand. This means it will be painting the picture for the story of Charles Rolls and Henry Royce, the two forbearers of the iconic brand. The story should also include their close friendship with Lord John Douglas-Scott Montagu, himself a motoring pioneer, the esteemed member of the British nobility was actually in a secret affair with his secretary, Eleanor Velasco Thornton.

This makes for an interesting move story – you might say, but has nothing to do with the Rolls-Royce brand. Well it actually dies, because the lady was actually the one who inspired the iconic Spirit of Ecstasy emblem used to this day by the company. The mascot was the work of British artist and sculptor Charles Sykes and is to this day present on all Rolls-Royce cars. “What struck me when I read SILVER GHOST was how this true story weaves together the lives of five remarkable people that changed the destiny of the Western world and I am delighted to be working together with the legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese and Anthony Haas to bring it to the screen,” commented Asif Kapadia, whose works also include Oscar nominated “Amy”.