The latest bespoke Rolls, called Zahra, looks ready to receive any royalty as it emanates classic luxury and has come to emphasize the old-school luxury flair we have grown used to when talking about the British ultra-luxury marquee.

Truth be told, a classic luxurious Rolls-Royce has not been around for some time and we were assaulted by more exotic models that would satisfy the (sometimes) awkward tastes of certain clients. Never mind those, here comes the Zahra to remind us the Phantom is a “hulking” piece of handcrafted and lovingly-created metal that should deliver seriousness even when priced just like a king size diamond. The serious client has also opted for the extended wheelbase version and the two-tone black and silver paint job comes with minimal badging.

The color of choice – black – is also evoking instances of overwhelming art-deco flashbacks, combined with the well known opulence such rides will showcase once inside. According to the automaker the bespoke Phantom that has been called Zahra was created as such because the customer has a passion for arts and culture and the inspiration came from traditional motifs. It also comes equipped with such traditional Rolls-Royce amenities as the Starlight Roof. Being based on the EWB edition, the Zahra is not a limousine to be driven by the owner and as such it has classic white leather seats, black ash wood trim decorated with special pieces and art motifs and most importantly that privacy wall. The folding tables and media screens also show the limousine will be used as an office-away-from-office and we could also see some special carpets, more motifs on the headrests, a bespoke clock and curtains for complete privacy.


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