BMW’s luxury brand Rolls Royce, plans to raise the number of dealers by 14% in the following 5 years, part of its plan to attract more wealthy customers.

Rolls-Royce plans to increase the number of outlets from 105 to 120, to reach millionaires from Thailand, Vietnam and Chile. With sales severely affected in Europe, the automaker hopes that its $380,000 Phantom sedan will manage to bring the company a consecutive sales record this year, after it sold 3,538 units last year.

“I am very confident that we’ll sell at least one more this year,” Torsten Mueller-Oetvoes, the brand’s chief, said in an interview at the opening of a showroom in Berlin on Nov. 24th.

Rolls-Royce focuses on the Asian and South American markets to make up for the loss in Europe, relying on models such as the Phantom sedan and the $246,500 Ghost sedan, which competes with VW’s Bentley. Mueller-Oetvoes said that the company expects the number of households with more than $5 million in assets to increase by 3% to 5% each year.

“Of course, we feel that the mood isn’t the best in certain markets, but we’re able to compensate” with growth in places such as Russia, the Middle East and China, he said. “Our goal is to grow sustainably and not chase volume. Rolls-Royce will remain exceptional.”


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