Rolls-Royce showcases the Cullinan SUV prototype image

The British ultra-luxury automaker has relented and it will fight back Bentley’s Bentayga SUV with its own SUV – the Cullinan – of which we’re catching a camouflaged prototype glimpse.

Rolls-Royce has decided to continue its slow teasing campaign of the Cullinan sport utility vehicle – revealing the front end of the camouflaged prototype in teaser images. We’re not getting the full scoop because the back is still pretty much concealed, but we can see Phantom’s legendary style is thoroughly continued. Rolls-Royce calls its Project Cullinan an “‘all-terrain, high-sided vehicle” but as far as we can see from the teaser depicting the company’s newest mule – a full development prototype – we can safely call it a crossover SUV.

The Cullinan has a blocky shape – a look that pays tribute to the name coming from one of the biggest rough diamonds in the world. The grille with the usual vertical chrome slats is the main focal point up front and there’s also a raised hood and chiseled fenders. The Cullinan looks slightly more aggressive than your usual Rolls due to the bigger intakes in the bumper. The brand’s design boss has also confirmed already the coach doors – a trait of the Phantom series – will be part of the package. The model has now entered the public testing phase, with cold-weather evaluations scheduled at the end of December around the Arctic Circle.