Rolls-Royce still considering a SUV model image

Rising sales across the globe for SUV and crossovers have prompted automakers adding more and more models, even inaugurating new – never before seen – sub segments.

While at the “low” end of the spectrum, the incredible success with customers that small SUV/crossovers like Nissan’s Juke or Dacia’s Duster and the likes had also made a dent at the top level – the ultra-luxury brands.

And, as Lamborghini confirmed it’s producing its second ever SUV – the Urus, and direct rival Bentley moving forward with the series production of the ugly-designed but ultra luxury positioned SUV, it looks like yet another high-end brand is joining the SUV rush.

Confirming the many rumors circulating around a Rolls-Royce branded SUV, a top executive with the British automaker – design chief Giles Taylor – has now confirmed the German owned brand is seriously considering such an introduction.

“I’m interested in function and functionality. I’m looking to create a properly functional vehicle – a shooting brake, not a crossover with a sloping roof. A proper SUV,” Taylor tells British magazine Autocar.

Although many rivals opt for a car-like crossover, Rolls-Royce seems to be firm on its intent of delivering a “proper SUV”, falling in line with the already established models and ultimately not “undermining the Rolls-Royce brand.”

Bentley rival is planning for the SUV to be introduced in 2017 and various sources report that Rolls-Royce’s project is not actually in its early stages, but moving swiftly forward, which means the brand could deliver the model also in 2017, not long after the rival’s introduction.