Rolls-Royce SUV gets rendered image

The Rolls-Royce SUV is the subject of yet another rendering but that doesn’t mean that the vehicle is that close of hitting the assembly line.

Just a couple of weeks ago, the Rolls-Royce SUV, in its final production version, has been confirmed for the assembly line. The model in question hasn’t received an official name at this time and it should become a true luxury cruiser, a new benchmark in the segment. Rolls-Royce hasn’t put the new SUV into production at the moment because the company has had to make sure that there is actually a market for it and that the usual Rolls-Royce customers are looking forward of adding such a model to their already impressive collection.

The brand new Rolls-Royce SUV is believed to be riding on the MLB Evo platform, once it will be ready for its future customers, as this will be shared with the new generation of the A7 and with other premium SUVs, made under the close watch of Volkswagen. The model in question should be entering production sometimes in 2017 but this is not expected to be released by the end of that year or even in 2018, so if you are looking for such a vehicle to add to your collection, you should be in for the long wait. The new Rolls-Royce SUV is expected to pack a W12 engine under its hood, along with a plug-in hybrid version. More details on it are limited at this time and will be announced once it will go official.

Image Source: Theophilus Chin