Rolls-Royce SUV – new details emerge image

New details on the upcoming Rolls-Royce SUV have recently emerged as the company’s CEO, Mueller Oetvoes has released some preliminary info on the future model.

There is no surprise anymore that Rolls-Royce is planning the introduction of an SUV, the first one ever to be produced by the company, and rumors on how it will be have been around ever since the original concept version has been introduced a few years back. Now, the model in question is being placed into the spotlights once again, this time by the company’s CEO, Mueller Oetvoes, who has released some preliminary details on it.

According to the Rolls-Royce official, the model in question will be getting a new developed aluminum spaceframe which, surprisingly, will not be shared with BMW. Many components and body panels will be produced from aluminum and this should drop some considerable weight from the vehicle’s body. Despite not sharing the spaceframe with BMW, that doesn’t mean that other bits and pieces will be made exclusively by Rolls-Royce because some of them will be shared with the X7 SUV, which should go on sale sometimes in 2018.

The luxury carmaker is close to finalizing the SUV’s design and this will not be a true off-roader but more of a luxury cruiser with enough space in the front and rear to carry you around in comfort through busy streets and on business meetings. The model in question will be rivaling vehicles such as the Bentley Bentayga or the Lamborghini SUV. More details on it are limited at this time.

Source: Automotive News Europe