Rolls-Royce teases the new aluminum body of the 2018 Phantom image

The exclusive British automaker has decided it’s not too early to start teasing the 2018 Phantom flagship, revealing an image of the all-new, all-aluminum structure of the limousine.

The image depicts most likely depicts a pre-production testing unit of the 2018 Phantom, complete with the automaker’s all-new, all-aluminum structure that will underpin the next-generation of the luxury model. Of course that so early in the development process we’re not going to see any revealing details, with the Phantom VIII going for a huge door aperture out in the back – it also looks almost square, going for that extra space to allow perfect entry and egress in and from the lounge-like rear area. So, with dignity intact, the owners will also most likely need some light – and it appears the quarterlight window is exactly the same as seen on the predecessor.

Judging from the small hole in the C-pillar we could be looking at the same positioning of the fuel filler – and these details make us thing we’re going to be treated to a completely unfashionable evolutionary design. The camouflaged prototypes seen out in the wild so far do suggest the same thing – but we’re still hoping they were mules using the old body. The interior should keep the same elegant and simple lines, but with modern touches, such as a dual-screen infotainment system. No performance and specification details have been revealed so far, but we can be sure the new platform will then serve as the basis for the Ghost/Wraith/Dawn series.