Rolls-Royce unveils China bound Ghost Chengdu Golden Sun Bird One-Off image

The British luxury brand moves really fast nowadays, as shortly after delivering the unique Phantom Celestial bespoke model at the Frankfurt Motor Show, they unveiled yet another one-off, a China flavored Ghost.

The custom Rolls appears to have been built to order for a specific customer and features a two-tone paintjob in white and a very dark gold, almost like a brass color. The Spirit of Ecstasy is either gold (or gold plated) and hand-painted pin striping along the side of the car completes the bespoke image. We’re not so sure about the interior though, where this time around the featured paint is the gold one – we feel like this is a bit much this time around.

Anyways, an ancient Chinese artifact from the late Shang Dynasty called the Golden Sun Bird inspires the Ghost Chengdu Golden Sunbird; discovered in 2001 in Chengdu city and represented by the sculpture shown in the background in the first photo from the gallery. The design of the treasure, including the four birds flying in the same counter-clockwise direction around the sun, can be seen on the Ghost’s embroidery, veneers and the coach-line motif.